February 16, 1761

1761 February 16 (Monday).  Attended the Funeral of Old Mr. Samuel Fay, who is by Some Supposed to be 88, others 89 Years old.  He has been for 24 Years in Pain and much confined — and for this Year or two broken in Memory and much confused.  His Aged widow nigh 2 Years Younger is in good Exercise of her Understanding, and behaves very Christianly.  Several Neighbours here after the Funeral.  N.B. Dispute with Deacon Tainter about the Beginning of the sabbath, and N.B. he asks me whether I would (not only consent to, but would) Desire Mr. Fish’s preaching at Deacon Forbush’s the first Tuesday in April?  I answered yes, for I would Sett him a good Example if he be otherwise minded.