February 4, 1761

1761 February 4 (Wednesday).  Billy Set off for Boston in his Master Baldwins Service gave him Money to pay my son Thomas’s Debt to Mr. William Bowes.  Squire Jabez Ward dines (after his Fashion) here.  He informs that Dr. Breck of Sheffield has lost his eldest Son by the Small pox.  At Evening came Levi Warrin again with an Earnest Message from his Brother Abner, who thinks he is drawing near his End.  I went, found his Breathing was much altered.  I enquired into his Preparation for the Unspeakably important Affair before him.  He answered that it was much as it had been.  I proceeded to several most remarkable particulars,  concerning which he expressed his hope that he was thus qualifyed and told me he believed he was Sincere.  Prayed with him as for the last time.  After Prayer Still discoursing with him for his further Instruction and Quickening, he told me he must desire me to desist, because he found it worryed him.  Went into t’other room with his Father, to talk with him a little.  Upon understanding that he grew worse, I went in again to Abner.  After a few Words agreeable to his Case, he desired he might be let alone.  So I took Solemn and final Leave of him, and walked home.