January 30, 1761

1761 January 30 (Friday).  Messrs. Timothy Warrin and Moses Nurse with their Teams, brought each a Load of wood.  Mr. Daniel Warrin sent an Hand to Chop.  Noah Hardy and John Pratt also went for the Same purpose.  The Place was Mr. Jonas Bradish’s Neck.  For this last gave the wood.  But the Rain broke ‘em off.  P.M. I went to the Funeral of Amariah aforesaid.  A mournful Time indeed!  A young man taken away in such a Manner without the Exercise of his Reason almost from the first Seizure of his Distemper.  At my Return home found Mr. Joshua Emms at My House in the Hue of a Soldier, and who had actually come from Crown-Point.  He tarrys for the Night: but confessing himself unfit for a Bed, Sleeps by the Fire.