January 8, 1761

1761 January 8 (Thursday).  I visited Mr. Joseph Knowlton and dined and prayed there.  Alexander to Mr. Abbots with Barley.  I Called at Mr. Samuel Fay juniors and had a great deal of discourse with him.  He remains very resolute and obstinate notwithstanding all the gentle offers I make him.  Particularly I offered him to lay our Differences before the Church, and I would Stand by their Judgment, but he utterly refused it.  I prayed him to choose out three wise and Pious Men.  He Should choose all of them himself and they Should hear the Cause, but he said he would do nothing about it more.  He did not intend to spend any more Breath about it.  I parted with Assuring him I was desirous of Reconcilement.  Asked him upon what Terms he would be reconciled?  He told me, on no other than to have the Door opened, and that he might be desired to walk in.  I told him that as to my own part, I was willing to put up the whole Difference.  Asked what he would have of Me?  He replyed, Restoration.  I answered that That was not in my Power: but if the Church would restore him, I would not Oppose.  I called also Mr. Greens and Solomon Bakers, in this visit.  My son Baldwin came from Boston and lodged here.