January 6, 1761

1761 January 6 (Tuesday).  About 2 in the morning widow Newton rouses me with the News of a Safe Deliverance and the Birth of a son, of extraordinary Size and Fatness.  To God be all Honour, Praise and Thanksgiving!  Capt. Wood, Neighbour Pratt and Barney Newton comes and assist this morning in waiting upon the Women home, but Alexander with the Slay is very usefull.  Neighbour Barny goes to Mr. Wymans at Shrewsbury for his Aunt Miss Hannah Maynard, to Nurse, who comes.  And Mrs. P________ is very comfortable, and the Child flourishing.  D.G.  I preached at Mr. Whitneys on Eccl. 7.1.  Was at Mr. Blanc’s after the Exercise.