January 5, 1761

1761 January 5 (Monday).  My Wife bears through the Great Storm of Saturday and the Cold winds which blew about the Snow yesterday, the Extreme Cold also of last night and this morning and is more comfortable as to Spasms — but at Evening had such Indications of approching Travail that Neighbour Batherick being here I desired him to call at Neighbour Pratts, who is ready to hasten to Granny Maynard, which was done: and Alexander went to the widow Newton, whose son brought her.  Capt. Wood went for Mrs. Baker who (I perceive too unwillingly) came.  Both Mrs. Williams’s, Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Morse came, all of them this Evening, and I commend her to the infinite Mercy and Goodness to God and the kind Assistance of my good Neighbours.