September 1, 1760

1760 September 1 (Monday).  Samuel Forb. with a Yoke of Oxen, and a Yoke from Mr. Zebulun Rice’s, and another from Mr. Joseph Baker ploughed my Summer tilling Ground at the Island.  I rode to Mr. Edwards Whipples, Solomon Bakers and Pratts, to provide for my Mason next week.  P.M. Mr. Baker sent his young man to help at the ploughing.  Sold my Mare to Mr. Joseph Baker for his Father, for 55£ Old Tenor to be paid in 3 months.  Mr. Zebulun Rice the witness — he wants to learn the Rules of Musick; of which I gave him a Sketch this Evening.

September 2, 1760

1760 September 2 (Tuesday).  On Mr. Zebulun Rice’s Mare I sat out on my Journey for Mr. Lulls Benefit, to get his Deeds acknowledged by the Court at Concord.  I was much troubled with having Such a Lame, dull Creature.  Turned to Squire Brighams at Marlborough to get a better, but did not succeed.  I dined there.  Proceeded to Sudbury.  One Burbank of Sutton my Company.  Called at Widow Baldwin’s.  Mr. Farrars at Lincoln.  At Capt. Adams’s there.  Young Mr. Farrar Shews me the way to Mr. Lawrence’s.  N.B. we called and drank a Glass of Wine at Judge Russells.  Lodged at Mr. Lawrence’s, with his Father.

September 3, 1760

1760 September 3 (Wednesday).  Rode to Lexington, hoping to find Mrs. Mary Lock, one of the Witnesses I was in search for — but having dined at Mr. Clarks, was obliged to ride to Woburn, she being the Wife of Deacon John Wright.  Found her, declared my Business, and She, with her Husbands Concurrence, consented to go to Court.  I lodged at Mr. Shermans.  N.B. At Eve he came from Cambridge, where the Governor had visited, and dined to Day.

September 4, 1760

1760 September 4 (Thursday).  Mr. Sherman rode with me to Mrs. Bows at Bedford; and to Concord; where also came Deacon Wright and Wife.  Coll. Lawrence presented the Deeds to the Court at their Sessions to Day — but it unhappily fell out that the Seal of one of the Deeds was torn off; and therefore it was concluded that two Justices Quorum Unus Should Swear what Evidences appeared, and this Should be in perpetuam re; Memoriam — I was desired to dine with the Court; which I did — as did Mr. Bliss and Mr. Joseph Emmerson of Nissitisset.  After Dinner Mr. Danforth and Coll. Elisha Jones came to Dr. Minots, and there Swore Mrs. Mary Wright who was one of the Witnesses to Jonathan Parks Deed to Benjamin and James Lull of Rights in Townshend.  And Coll. William Lawrence, Major James Prescott, and Capt. Josiah Sartell, were Sworn respecting Isaac Farnsworth Hand Writing, who was one of the Witnesses of Jonathan Parks Deed to Lull of his Half of the Hundred Acres (which were the House Lott in Townshend).  These Gentlemen were so generous as to give me what they had done.  And I payed Deacon Wright 30/ for his Wife’s coming 13 miles on this occasion, and for their Returning home.  N.B. I put up wholly among the Minots.  My Bags etc. at Master Minots, the Mare I rode, at Coll.’s widows; and visit there at Eve.  Supped and lodged at Dr. Minots, with Mr. Martyn.

September 5, 1760

1760 September 5 (Friday).  A variety of Consultations about Lulls Deeds.  Young Mr. Foxcroft undertakes to search the Records for Capt. Adams’s Deed to Lull and to Parks.  Mr. Martyn and I call at Mr. Bliss’s — and at Squire Whitings.  I buy and pay for a Book containing the Disputations in former Times in this Country about the Baptizing any other Children than those of Church Members.  In returning home we met Mr. Caleb Sawyer of Leominster and reads a summons to us to appear at the Superior Court at Wor’ster which was to our sorrow.  Stopped a little at Deacon Rice’s; where we were kindly invited to dine, it being noon: but Mr. Martyn was rather inclined to dine at his Brother Witts in Marlborough and would have me go with him.  He had also sent his son Richard before him to give Notice of our Coming.  We therefore rode there.  But Mrs. Witt was from Home; and the wealthy old Gentleman, though he had been at Court for a great many Years, yet had never learnt to invite us to dine with him; nor to ask us whether we had any need of Eating, at that time o’ Day; though he must of necessity know that our ride had been long Since we could have been refreshed: He Seemed to avoid all Such Questions.  Therefore hungry, disappointed and ashamed, we were obliged to remount our Horses, and ride up into Town to Search for Something that might relieve our Appetites.  We stopped at Dr. Dexters, and it So happened that they had not dined; but desired we would accept of a Dinner with them.  We needed no great Courting.  We dined there heartily.  Thence we visited Mr. Smith.  Arrived Safe at Evening.  D.G.

September 11, 1760

1760 September 11 (Thursday).  I rode to Shrewsbury in my Chair; Daughter Sarah with me, drawn by Mr. Parkers Mare.  Capt. Allen acquaints me with the Death of his Son Samuel at New Providence.  We dined at Mrs. Cushings.  Old Madam Prentice there.  I preached on 1 Joh. 1.7.  After Lecture visit Mrs. Allen in her mourning for her Son.  At Eve we returned home well.  D.G.  Deacon Kimball.  N.B. Sorrowful Account from Dr. Crosby of my Neighbour Williams’s Hand, which he slightly hurt in getting Wood; but it has festered greatly.

September 12, 1760

1760 September 12 (Friday).  Visit and pray with Mr. Williams.  His Hand looks terribly.  P.M. Deacon Kimball finishes; having made up 4 1/2 Days, at 25/ O.T.  Letters from Mr. Farward and Mr. Forb. to go to Council at Cold Spring.  And from my Son Ebenezer who has been sick, but is recovered.  D.G.  Samuel returns home.  My Rowing mowed by Deacon Tainters young man.  Dr. Wilson has visited Neighbour Williams and thinks he will dye.

September 13, 1760

1760 September 13 (Saturday).  Find in the News Paper of the 11th the Death of Honorable Judge Sewall after about 10 Days Confinement in the 57th Year of his Age.[1]  He was the very Glory of this Province; and I don’t know but that Universally esteemed so.  I had the Happiness of Acquaintance with him from early Youth.  We were not only Classmates at College but school-mates.  And he did me the Honor to invite me with a Singular endearingness to his House: telling me, I knew he took a particular Pleasure in my coming to See him.  It is a most heavy Loss!  The Lord sanctifie it to the Land — to the Surviving Judges, to the rest of our Classmates; and in a peculiar Manner to unworthy Me!  O might I Suitably reallize my own Decease!  Isa.  “For behold the Lord.  The Lord of Hosts doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah –the Judge — the Prudent — the Honorable Man — the Counsellor — and the Eloquent Oratour.”  Visited Neighbour Williams and desiring I might be alone with him, all left us — and I dealt in some plainness with him as to what I conceived to be his particular sins:  but he entertains a great deal of Hope concerning his spiritual Welfare.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here.  I advise him before he preaches any more, to be examined; but to be sure to join with some Church and go to the Communion.

[1]Stephen Sewall (1702-1760), Harvard 1721, youngest of seventeen children of Major Stephen and Margaret (Mitchel) Sewall and a nephew of Samuel Sewall.  After graduation he kept school in Marblehead, served as college librarian and then as tutor for the classes of 1731, 1735, and 1739, turned down a call from the church in Marlborough, and then studied law.  In 1739, he was given a place on the bench of the superior court (or as it is now called, the supreme judicial court), even though he had never appeared on either side of the bar.  After the death of Chief Justice Dudley (Harvard 1690), he was elevated to his place.  According to Parkman, Sewall attended the Latin School in the North End, although he does not appear in the Latin School catalog.


September 14, 1760

1760 September 14 (Sunday).  Read Job 34.  Omitted the Afternoon reading by Reason of the Multiplicity of Exercises and Sacred Business of this Day.  Preached a.m. on Song 6.12.  Administered the Lords Supper.  N.B. Sarah (the wife of Robert) Cook at Communion.  Mrs. Walker of Houssatonnock Number 4 with us also: and dined here as did Deacon Tainter.  P.M. my Time in the week being exceedingly taken up with visiting, Lectures etc. I was obliged to use former preparations not being willing to Extemporize.  I preached on Isa. 9.6, last Clause, from page 313th to 322.  After Sermon, transacted the Affair of Mr. Joseph Joslin and his Wife who have taken John and Jane King Maynards Child to bring up and they promising etc. it was baptized.  To Day I likewise read a Second Letter from the Church at Cold Spring, desiring a Council there.  This Request was left to Consideration.

September 16, 1760

1760 September 16 (Tuesday).  Vid. Natalitia.  Mrs. Martyn made us a Visit and dined here.  P.M. Young Mr. Barrett and his Wife, Mrs. Crosmans Son and Daughter, together with two Ladys of Mr. Barretts Relations, made us a visit — but I could not wait upon any of these as at other Times.  It was a great Trouble to me.  As was, besides, my being Summoned to the Superior Court at Worcester.  I rode to Mr. Williams to See him under his Lameness before I went out of Town.  N.B. I dealt with him in Some plainness about his vices — prayed with him and parted with him as fearing we Should never See one another in this world again.  Rode to Shrewsbury nigh Evening.  At Mrs. Cushings were old Madam Prentice, Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stone.  Were there also Mr. Badger and his Wife — So that I returned to lodge at Capt. Allens.  There I found Mr. Pemberton and Elder Halsey, and therefore could not lodge there — yet Supped with them and went to the Tavern (Mr. Hen. Baldwins) — where I was kindly entertained.

September 17, 1760

1760 September 17 (Wednesday).  Break fast at Capt. Allens with Pemberton and Halsey.  Rode to Court but the Boxford Case with Mr. Rogers took up the Day.  No body invited me to dinner.  I went to Mr. Maccartys and dined well there: with Messrs. Martyn, Hall and Putnam of Pomfret.  At Court p.m. the Same Case as a.m.  At Eve at Mr. Maccarty’s.  Lodged at Capt. Dolittles.  N.B. He was of the Jury and did not come home all night.  Mr. Oliver Carter lodged with me.

September 18, 1760

1760 September 18 (Thursday).  The Leominster Case all Day.  Dined at Judge Chandlers, he having Sent an Invitation to all the Ministers — Except Mr. Rogers and Marsh to come.  Messrs. Pemberton, Martyn, Stone, Bridge, Goss, Harrington, Davis and Maccarty there.  N.B. The joyfull News arrived of the British Forces taking Montreal on the 8th Current.  To God all Glory!  The Court was held, by the Leominster Case, till half after nine at night.  Lodged as last night.

September 19, 1760

1760 September 19 (Friday).  Broke fast at Mr. Bridge’s (the Barber).  N.B. Capt. Ezra Taylor there.  I returned home — and the more earnestly to see my poor Neighbour Williams (if he be yet alive) — till I met Dr. Crosby, who told me he was grown better, and his Hand in an hopefull Way.  Dined at Mrs. Cushings.  N.B. Paid Cousen Maynard her Interest, to May last.  Visited and prayed with Mr. Williams before I went home.  N.B. Aged Mrs. Lovell, Mr. William Pierce’s mother lies dead.

September 22, 1760

1760 September 22 (Monday).  Rode to Southborough to talk with Mr. Stone about Cold Spring.  He had read his Letter to the Church, and they had refused — but when I told him the Urgency of the Case; and especially Coll. Lincoln (who happened to come very Seasonably) Setting in with me; for he had come lately through Cold Spring, and Saw somewhat of their Necessity; he was gained over to resolve to lay it before his Church again, and to go if the Church Should consent.  He also called at Coll. Brighams to warn him to get ready for the Journey.  N.B. Coll. Lincoln and I dined at Mr. Stones.  P.M. I rode to Marlborough to Mr. Hezekiah Maynards and to Lt. Brighams in quest of an Horse.  Returning home, visited at Mr. Edmund Brighams.

September 23, 1760

1760 September 23 (Tuesday).  A great Cold by yesterdays Ride.  Was very aguish when I went to Bed last night.  Visited Abner Warrin who is lower and weaker.  I discoursed on the Evidences of Faith, whereby he might try himself, but I came away without his, or any one’s mentioning our Praying together.  Dr. Crosby and Deacon Barretts Son Samuel (in his Return from New-Haven) dined here.  P.M. Mrs. Cushing of Shrewsbury waited on her Mother, Old Madam Prentice here, to make us a Visit.

September 24, 1760

1760 September 24 (Wednesday).  A.M. at Dr. Crosbys Desire I attended his Dressing Mr. Williams Sore Hand: and his Opening another in the Elbow of the Same Limb.  Prayed there — but was very faint in Time of Prayer.  P.M. Church Meeting on Cold Spring Affair — although the Meeting was appointed at this Time partly in Order to have a fuller Meeting than on Lords Day, it being then a rainy Time, yet there were but 16 of us together.  We proceeded, and Voted Compliance.  See Church Records.  I also acquainted the Church that one Reason why I desired ‘em to meet on a week Day was to acquaint them that they must provide for my going as to an Horse to ride on.  This I left them (after the Blessing) to Settle among them Selves.  N.B. Mr. Thomas Twitchell here again in Order to his joining to the Church.

September 25, 1760

1760 September 25 (Thursday).  So poorly with my Cold that I could not go from Home.  P.M. Rebecca Hardy here on the Affair of joining with the Church.  N.B. I wrote to Master Minot of Concord about his drawing a Quit Claim of Capt. Daniel Adams’s Right in what I bought of Mr. Lull.  This I sent by Mr. Daniel Adams of Westborough.  Wrote also to Mr. John Foxcroft, directing to the recording Adams’s Deed to Lull, and to search for the Record of Adams’s deed to Parks.  Sent this by Mr. James Bowman junior to his Brother Joseph at Cambridge.

September 29, 1760

1760 September 29 (Monday).  I undertook my Journey to Cold Spring — but I was very unfit for it by reason of a great Cold — and My Wife and all my Children were also oppressed with Colds and much indisposed.  I called and took Mr. Edwards Whipple, the Churchs Delegate, along with me.  Called at Mrs. Cushings.  Mr. Whipple and I dined at Capt. Stearns’s (My Dinner was gratis — and I Suppose the Entertainment for my Horse was also — for they were very generous).  We arrived at Mr. Forb.’s in Brookfield in Comfort our selves — but Daughter’s Breast very bad, and little Eli very ill.  Mr. Whipple lodged at Mr. Thomas Hardy’s.  I visited at my son Ebenezers but lodged (and my son Baldwin with me) at Mr. Forbush’s.

September 30, 1760

1760 September 30 (Tuesday).  My Son Forbush’s Child so very ill; my Daughter also so bad with her Breast, that Mr. Forb. does not go to Cold Spring.  Mr. Whipple and I go.  Called at the Widow Cutlers and at Lulls.  Arrived safe at Cold Spring, and dined though late there, at Mr. Forwards.  The Council formed in the Eve.  I was chose Moderator and prayed.  Lodged (with Mr. Stone of Southborough) at Mr. Forwards.