July 1, 1760

1760 July 1 (Tuesday).  I rode over to Hopkinton to See Mr. Barret, but he, his wife, Son, Daughter and Grand son being gone over to Mrs. Morris’s to dinner, I dined at Mr. Crosman’s — where I was willing to make a Visit, because young Mrs. Crosman was So newly come home, to live there (See June 12) and because my Daughter Sarah was with me, whom Mrs. Crosman had much sollicited to go home with her, but could not.  N.B. Coll. Jones, Capt. Dunlop dined there also.  Gilbert Dench (I think nigh a Year younger than my Billy) going out a Lieutenant to the Said Dunlop.  After Dinner My Daughter and I rode to Mrs. Morris’s, where we found Mr. Barret and the rest.  N.B. I Received of Mrs. Morris (having borrowed them before of her Husband when he was at my House) the Two volumes of Poetical Register.  We returned home safe at Night.  D.G.  N.B. This Day a Council Sits at North Sutton, which is to decide their Case.  N.B. While I was at Hopkinton Mrs. Maynard, Mrs. Speakman, and Miss Nanny Woods here.

July 4, 1760

1760 July 4 (Friday).  My Son and Daughter leave us to go to Rutland, which is their present Home.  Mr. Cook of ‘Notamy and his Delegate, from the Council at Sutton call here — and shew me their Result.  Master Townsend and his wife dine here, and tarry some time.  Presently after them came Mr. Abraham Beemans Wife to be examined, and I can’t avoid Spending a great deal of Time with her.  So that by the various Sorts of Company to Day I am greatly taken off from my Studys, and perplexed in them.  Alexander brings Miss Betty Johnson who works here.

July 6, 1760

1760 July 6 (Sunday).  Was obliged to exert my Self in my preparation.  But though I was much concerned, I was greatly assisted and Succeeded both in Public and private.  I would praise God for His undeserved Goodness, but desire to be humbled for my own great Defects — for as many avocations as I had last week, yet a great deal of the Time which I had, might have been improved much better.  May God forgive me and make me sensible of the worth of Precious Time!  Though Time may not be spent Viciously, and though it may profitably, yet there are different kinds and Degrees of Profit.  Read Job 27 and 1 Cor. 11.  Preached a. and p.m. on Joh. 3.19.  Old Mrs. Phillips dined here.  A worthy, Serious Woman!

July 8, 1760

1760 July 8 (Tuesday).  Coll. Weeks here and dined with us.  Tells me Deacon Forb. is at Upton and very ill.  An exceeding hot Day.  At Eve the Marriage of James Bowman junior and Mary Gashit.  My Sons got in part of the Hay in the Lot by the Garden.  Miss Betty leaves us in the Morning and I pay her for her work; and 2/ old Tenor over.

July 9, 1760

1760 July 9 (Wednesday).  Silas Frost works here.  He mows the West Pasture and behind the Meeting House and a while at the Island.  I visited at Mr. Solomon Bakers; but he had carryed his lame Leg to the Doctors so that I missed of him, though his wife was at home, and she Shewed me what She had prepared by way of Relation.  The Boys get in more Hay.  Mr. Hezekiah How came, with his son Daniel and a Team, for a Barrell of Cyder, which I let him have only upon Condition that he will let me have as good an one this time twelve Month with as good new Barrell as this.

July 10, 1760

1760 July 10 (Thursday).  Silas Frost mowed Baulks at the Island — p.m. in Bent Meadow.  Catechetical Exercise.  33 Young Women present.  I discoursed to them from Rom. 5.12.  One of Deacon Forb. Grand Children informed me that he was So low as to keep his Bed, and it was feared he would not go abroad again.  I therefore rode at Evening there.  Found the Deacon much better and sitting up, and could walk about — nay he went out abroad (in the Day) and would have gone to Meeting but they restrained him.  I lodged at Mr. Fisk’s — with Dr. [Dean?].

July 11, 1760

1760 July 11 (Friday).  Returned home a.m.  My sons have Mr. Williams’ Team.  And get in the Hay West of the Meeting House, and on the back of it.  Mr. Jonathan Cook here and wants to have his Child baptized.  Refer him to Mr. Martyn — the way not being wholly clear without a Certificat from him.  P.M. Mrs. Sarah Grout here to discourse with me in order to joining with the Church.  Can do very little in my Study.

July 12, 1760

1760 July 12 (Saturday).  Full of perplexity about my Hay, at the Island and Bent Meadow.  Am obliged to go about among the Neighbours for a Team — to Mr. Zebulun Rice, Capt. Wood, Neighbour Barny, Mr. Nurse, and Mr. Williams — at last, have Mr. Nathan Maynards Cart, Mr. Williams oxen, [Neighbour Aaron?] Nurse to do the work: but not in person, Nathan Kenny actually goes and Mr. Nurse hoes for him.  My Sheep missing, and add New Trouble.

July 14, 1760

1760 July 14 (Monday).  In Some affliction by reason of our little Flock of Sheep Straying away.  They have been gone some Days, and we can’t hear of them.  P.M. I undertook my Journey to Commencement about 3 p.m. by reason of the great Heat.  Called at Mr. Stones, who was gone — at Mr. Bridge’s — neither was he at home: and his Wife not well, so that I saw neither of them.  I rode this Evening as far as Capt. Samuel Baldwins by 9 o’Clock and (designing to stir Early, went not to Mr. Wood[wards?]) but lodged there.

July 15, 1760

1760 July 15 (Tuesday).  Rose Early, and (Mr. Nichols of Brookfield with me to Watertown) I rode to Boston.  Breakfasted at Dr. Wheats.  Visited at the North End a.m.  Dined at Brother Samuels.  Mr. William Winter p.m. sent my mare to the Cunningham Pasture at the bottom of the Common.  Paid a Visit to Coll. Hanfield where was Coll. Leonard Jarvis, who constrained me to visit at his House, his Lady being under Indispositions — they treated me with much Civility.  Supped at Brothers with Capt. Bradford and his wife:  but lodged at my Kinsman Winters, who make me very Welcome — and it suits me well, because my Brother Samuels House has So many to lodge there.

July 16, 1760

1760 July 16 (Wednesday).  Rose early; took Horse; and with Mr. Maccarty from Roxbury, rode to Cambridge.  Put up at Master Fessendens.  Attended the publick Exercises a. and p.m.  Dined in the Hall.  At Sir Lowels, Dunbars and Livermore’s Chambers — At Master Monis’s — and Mr. Marrits — where I supped with Mr. Martyn and his wife, and their Sister Witt of Marlborough.  Lodged at Sister Barretts.  N.B. She is in a weak, feeble State yet — and her Case called for my Compassion and Charity.

July 17, 1760

1760 July 17 (Thursday).  I rose Early.  Master Fessenden and I broke fast at Dr. Wrights — with his wife.  The Doctor is gone to Sea in the King George.  Rode to Watertown to Lt. Whitneys, where I was kindly entertained.  N.B. Mr. Nathaniel Harringtons Wife buryed to Day.  Was with him to Condole his great Loss.  N.B. Bowman from College, Deacon Tainter, and Jacob Rice ride with me in Company to Coll. Buckminsters where we were all refreshed (on Free Cost).  I had a Comfortable Journey home, and found all in peace.  D.G.  N.B. My Sheep, which had strayed, had come to home in safety.  But Except Alexanders Lameness by running a Nail into his Foot.  And Mr. Moses Twitchell had not come to work as he had engaged, neither Yesterday nor to Day; to my great Disappointment.  Mr. Joseph Chaddock had sent a Letter of Smart Dunning for Thomas’s Debt to him, which Capt. Rolf had promised to discharge.

July 20, 1760

1760 July 20 (Sunday).  Read Job 29 and 1 Cor. 13.  Preached on 2 Cor. 3.18.  P.M. Job 3.19.  Stopped the Church on the Affair of Mr. Samuel Fay junior and they voted to send a Committee to him — that they be 3 and that Brother Whitney, Daniel Forbush and Chamberlin be the Persons — their Errand being This, viz. to see what has made him withdraw from his Duty as he had done.

July 23, 1760

1760 July 23 (Wednesday).  My Lecture at 10 a.m. preached by Mr. Stone from Joh. 6.[5?].  Stopped the Church to hear the Report of the Committee from Mr. Fay.  It was read.  In the Debates of the Church upon the Case N.B. Squire Baker was of Opinion that all his faultiness which was before his Coming to the Communion must be obliterated, that is, although he has been faulty heretofore, yet if the Church have admitted him to Communion Since, that Cancells it.  This was easily answered.  Brother Batherick was for proceeding, and admitting the man to privilege upon these Reasons brought by the Committee.  Brother Moses Warrin was on the other Hand.  Finally Vote to Suspend this Affair for a While farther.  N.B. I wanted to return home because Mr. Stone had brought his Wife and the Widow of [blank] Prince late of Boston deceased.  And they dined here.  Mr. Fessenden p.m.  Mr. Twitchell worked here.  At Deacon Tainters Motion a Number of Hands came and cutt down my Field of Rye, back of the Meeting House.  A Sett before Meeting and another sett after.  They were Deacon Tainter, his son and servant, Mr. Daniel Forb., Thomas Twitchell, and Joseph Harrington, also Lieutenant Harrington — these before meeting.  P.M. were Joseph Harrington, Tainters young man, viz. John Ball, Noah Hardy, Adam Rice, John Wood and a Young man with him.  A great Kindness, we treated them as well as I could.  May God reward them!

July 30, 1760

1760 July 30 (Wednesday).  Have had but poor Sleep, yet rise early and Somewhat Comfortable.  D.G.  I undertake to go to Southborough and my Wife rides in the Chair with me (drawn by Capt. Woods Horse: N.B. Mr. Daniel Adams has my Mare to go to Boston).  We dine at Mr. Stones.  Mrs. Prince there.  I preached the Lecture there, on Eph. 1.7.  Very few at meeting.  Rain, after great Drought.  We return at Eve.  God was graciously pleased to carry me through — though I was but too dull and lifeless — but He is able to give success to weakest Means.  O that I might have Redemption through that precious Blood!  N.B. Mrs. Maynard goes to Marlborough in her Chair.  Miss Betty goes with her; and my Suse rides her Horse with them.

July 31, 1760

1760 July 31 (Thursday).  I ride my mare, newly come from Boston, to Hopkinton to preach Mr. Barretts Lecture.  When I came there, Mr. Loring unexpected by Mr. Barret, was before me.  I freely resigned to him.  Mr. Stone came also, at my Request lest I Should not be able to preach; or carry on the whole Exercise.  We all dined there.  Mrs. Barret much wrot down with the Gravel.  Mr. Loring preached on Joh. 16.7.  I returned at Eve.  N.B. the Church Meeting at Hopkinton about Deacon Benjamin Burnap; to see whether they will receive his Acknowledgment or no.