May 1, 1760

1760 May 1 (Thursday).  Mr. Forb. carrys my son Samuel to Brookfield to help his Brother Ebenezer.  Mr. Fessenden obtains an Horse at Capt. Maynards to go with my Daughter Baldwin, who is still weakly, to Boston: and they Sett out.  Mr. Martyn comes, dines and preaches for me.  On Ps. 118.22.23.  After Lecture Jabez Ward Esq. and Capt. Maynard and his wife here.  Mr. Daniel Forb. is returned with his son, and my Chair.  Deacon Tainter receives of me the Contribution Money for Boston.  £0.2.2 Old Tenor.

May 2, 1760

1760 May 2 (Friday).  Mr. Gardner of Stow and his Delegates, returning from the Council at Sutton, here and read their Result; which again setts Mr. Welman upon his Leggs.  That is so far as their Influence can extend.  Afterwards Mr. Hall called here in his Journey home.  N.B. I write by him to Coll. Hazzletine about my Son Baldwins Note, given him.  N.B. In the Evening Deacon Bradish.

May 4, 1760

1760 May 4 (Sunday). Read Job 19 and 1 Cor. 5. Preached a. and p.m. on Isa. 55.3, latter part. Administered the Lord’s Supper. N.B. Young Mr. Barrett and his Wife here, their Father being still at Boston. They dined with us, as did Cousen Maynard. N.B. Master Fessenden prayed at Eve in the Family.

May 5, 1760

1760 May 5 (Monday).  A.M. I was over at t’other House.  Renewed Bounds with Mr. Ebenezer Maynard on the East to North of his Line.  Mr. Searl of Stoneham dined here, as he journeys to Connecticut.  P.M. I rode to Ensign Millers and marryed him to the Widow Willis of Hopkinton.  Mr. Tainter brings a Team p.m. to harrow my Field at the Island.  He leaves his Boy with Alex to do it and they do it accordingly.  Mr. Tainter went to a Kennebeck Meeting at Capt. Wood.

May 7, 1760

1760 May 7 (Wednesday).  Coll. Jones of Hopkinton and his Wife, and Mr. Bailie and his Wife here.  Mr. Bird of New Haven bears a Message to me from Mr. Pierpont to Send his Wife’s Diary — but I desire ‘em till Mr. Birds Return through Worcester.  N.B. Visit Lt. Thomas Forbush and old Capt. Forbush.

May 11, 1760

1760 May 11 (Sunday).  Read Job 20, 1 Cor. 6.  Preached a.m. on 2 Samuel 23.5 and p.m. on Eccl. 11.9, repeating what I delivered nigh 28 years agoe at Lecture to young People but with some Additions and Alterations.  N.B. Master Bowman dined here.  May God bless my Endeavors with both old and young!  But especially may I have Grace to improve the Admonitions and Instructions of the divine Word for the Everlasting advantage of my own soul!  Mr. Fessenden prays at Evening.

May 12, 1760

1760 May 12 (Monday).  I walk till I am weary to get some Ox Work to plough in order to planting my Orchard.  Was at Mr. Warrins but he was not at home.  I went there the rather because of Visiting Mrs. Warrin who grows worse.  Went to Zebulun Rices.  Sent to Barney Newtons in Vain.  I went to Capt. Woods and reckoned with him.  Gave him a Note for the whole.  P.M. I visited Mr. Jacob Amsden and Lt. Bruce.  Alexander ploughed a little of the orchard with Capt. Woods Oxen and broke the Beam.

May 13, 1760

1760 May 13 (Tuesday).  This Morning not well — stiff Neck and am pierced through with the wind.  Mr. Williams brings 100 Rails to the New Pasture.  My illness greatly increases — keep close.  Mr. Hale of Brookfield with his Brother Moses’s Widow.  They lodge here but I can’t see ‘em to Night.  Capt. Wood keeps their Horses.  Have a Night of Pain and Trouble!

May 14, 1760

1760 May 14 (Wednesday).  In a Poor, pained Condition.  Put on a Blister.  Fear it is Rheumatism that has sized the Vertebers at my Neck.  See Mrs. Hale (my wife’s Kinswoman) and grieve with her in her sorrows.  They leave us to go to Haverhil.  Am so ill I can’t either dine or attend Devotions with my Family.  P.M. Cousen Maynard here.  Little of planting to Day.  Only the Boys plough this afternoon with Capt. Woods Oxen.

May 15, 1760

1760 May 15 (Thursday).  Took a spoonfull of Batemans Drops for my Rheumatism.  Had a more comfortable Night and Morning than last.  Blessed be God!  Yet I have a poor Day of it, in general.  Read a great Part of the Journals of the House of Representatives, though I could not bend closer Studies.  My Wife’s Leg has been sore for some Time; is now grown tedious.  God prepare for His holy Will!  My sons go about in Vain to get an Horse to furrow out our remaining Ground — till Mrs. Tainter (Benjamins Wife) rode here for this End that their Horse might plough for me.  She dines here, and my sons plough furrowing out and finishing our planting of Indian Corn.  A few Beans, Peas etc.  At night comes Dr. Wright from Rutland — and lodges here.

May 16, 1760

1760 May 16 (Friday).  Dr. Wright leaves us for Cambridge.  N.B. Mr. Alexander Clayton of Upton comes in the Name for Esq. Hazzletine for money due to him from Mr. Baldwin.  I delivered Clayton 4 Johannes, and wrote it on the Back of the Note: and which he signed attesting.  As for me I feel but Weak, Sick and Pained.  Yet dined with my Family, and hope I am growing better.  My sons finish planting — except the planting of little Beans.

May 17, 1760

1760 May 17 (Saturday).  Had an uneasy, painful Night, by reason of my Head and Neck Still greatly disordered.  Dont pretend to prepare for the Sabbath.  Mr. E. Rice here a.m. tells me he Shall soon move out of my House.  P.M. Jacob Rice’s Brother is come for him; and he leaves us.  I accept of Two Dollars for nigh a months Board.  Capt. Wood kindly makes me a Visit.  My Wife uses an Ironing Box on my Neck — at the advice of Dr. Wright.

May 18, 1760

1760 May 18 (Sunday).  The Ironing my Wife used yesterday seemed to asswage the Pain for a little while, but I had a painfull and uneasy Night.  Yet waked not very ill.  This Morning was misty — too heavy Air for me to go abroad in.  Mr. Fessenden went to the North End Meeting — he carryed Sarah.  Alexander went there on Foot.  I did not feel So ill but that I could perform Some service — but I did not conceive there would be any prudence in going to the Meeting House.  Such as came therefore gathered here and I held a Meeting a. and p.m. in my House, repeating Several Sermons on 1 Sam. 4.22.  Which O that it might please God to bless for our universal Awakening — but especially for my own!  N.B. Deacon Tainter informs me from Mr. James Fay, that his Wife lately dyed — of bilious Cholick.  And that She dyed gloriously.

May 19, 1760

1760 May 19 (Monday).  Am easier, but fainter.  P.M. Mr. William Winter and his Daughter came to See us.  And lodged here.  My Wife much out of Health — so is Sarah but is now revived by Seeing Miss Nabby Winter.  Mr. Winter brings sorrowful News concerning Quebeck.  Mr. Bird of N.H. called at the Door for the papers etc. if they were here.

May 23, 1760

1760 May 23 (Friday).  Mr. Fessenden leaves us and goes to Cambridge — After I had rid over to Mr. Parker — about his sheep — Mr. Ebenezer Rice begs a fortnight longer in the House — and I was at Capt. Maynards.  At Night was at Capt. Woods Still to consult about Parkers Sheep because he asks so much for them.  But was in the main of the Day sermonizing.

May 25, 1760

1760 May 25 (Sunday).  Read a.m. on Job 21.  Preached a.m. on Prov. 11.30, former part.  P.M. omitted reading.  Preached on Prov. 11.30, latter part, and gave Solemn Warning to Heads of Familys, Tavern keepers and to Youth with regard to Election Recreations.  Propounded Mrs. Chase (the Doctors Wife) and acquainted the Congregation that considering the State of my own Health, and the State of Things with my Relatives (at Boston; N.B. Mr. Artemas Bruce bore a Message at noon from my Brother Samuel requesting it of me that I would Spend next Sabbath with them) I know not whether I should return to them the next Lords Day.  Desired therefore that Such of them as were nigh to other parishes would attend there; and such as Could not would meet here and serve God as He Should enable them etc. etc.

May 27, 1760

1760 May 27 (Tuesday).  To Cambridge.  Visit Brother Champney.  Sister Barrett feebly crawls about after much Sickness.  Master Fessenden had invited me Strongly to their House, but was gone a Fishing both he and his Brother Wright.  Proceeded to Boston.  Dined at Mr. Proctors.  P.M. at Mr. Eliots.  Mr. Balch being come to Town my mind is more easy.  Put up my Horse at Brother Samuels and lodged there with Mr. Gay of Hingham.

May 28, 1760

1760 May 28 (Wednesday).  Viewed the sorrowfull Ruins.  Mr. Dunbar preached the Election Sermon on 2 Chron. 15.1.2.  Dined in Fanuel Hall.  P.M. at my Daughter Baldwin lodges at Dr. Wheats.  Dr. Sewals.  Mr. Appleton chosen Moderator of the Convention and prayed.  I was chosen to preach to the Convention next Year.  Mr. Mather 2d.  I went to See Coll. Handfield and his Lady who received and treated me with much respect.  Retired and lodged at my Kinsman Winters and Mr. Davis with me.  N.B. Mr. Gay of Hingham lodges at Brother Samuels as do a considerable Number more of different Sorts of Gentlemen.

May 29, 1760

1760 May 29 (Thursday).  Attend the Convention.  The scribe reads an Encouraging Letter from Providence, concerning their doing more than ever towards supporting the Gospel among them.  Mr. Balch of Bradford preached on 2 Cor. 1.12.  The Contribution was 330£ Old Tenor.  To which add a Guinea from Governor Dummer.  340-10/ Old Tenor.  Yet the Assembly was remarkably thin.  I dined at Mr. Mathers.  P.M. at Mr. Eliots.  Preached at Brother Williams in the Eve on 2 Cor. 4.16 and lodged there.

May 30, 1760

1760 May 30 (Friday).  A Number of Gentlemen and Ladies went out in a Convenient Boat, and invited Me to go with them which I chearfully complyed with.  The Chief of the Company were Dr. Wheat and his wife, Young Dr. and his Wife, Mr. Brown (young Doctors Father in Law) and his wife, Mr. William Winter, his wife and Daughter; Mr. Joshua Winter and his wife, Mrs. Gott, Capt. Baldwin and Lucy; with a Number of younger Persons.  Sat out from Long Wharf (well provided) about 11 a.m.  Sailed down below the Light House.  N.B. an evil Pamphlet o’board which libells Governor Pownal (as it is conceived) under the Name of Sir Thomas Brazen: To the great Grief of all Serious people.  Came to an Ankor.  Caught 3 or Four Cod — for a Chowder.  Went o’Shore and viewed the Light House.  Drank Tea at the House Keepers.  Re-embarked.  Eat our Chowder o’board in good order.  Returned and landed just after Nine at Eve: having Met with no remarkable Evil.  To God be Glory.  Lodged at Mr. Joshua Winters.  Nor would the Company Suffer me to bear any of the Charge.