April 1, 1760

1760 April 1 (Tuesday).  The Private Meeting at Mr. Bradish’s but I can’t attend it.  Deacon Tainter dines here, and goes to it.  N.B. he kindly Serves me in putting a New Handle to my Spade.  Mr. Aaron Nurse kills a Pig for me of 110 pound.  He also hoops for me Several Tubbs — an Hogshead etc.  Neighbour Williams here to desire me to visit his Son Eleazar who is very ill of a Pleuretic Fever.  I went and found he was in a Dangerous State.  Prayed with him — admonished and warned him.  N.B. Mr. Whipple comes from Boston, at Night, and brings Letters from my Brother.

April 2, 1760

1760 April 2 (Wednesday).  In the Morning visited Mr. Williams again.  He grows worse.  I prayed with him.  Dr. Crosby there.  He blooded him yesterday — took another Pint this morning.  Thinks his Case extremely hazzardous.  I am deeply concerned for him — he is partly delirious.  May God most gracious extend Mercy and Compassion!  Last Night was twelve Months his only sister, Mrs. Dorothy Maynard dyed.  P.M. Mrs. Parminter, heretofore Bethiah Tyler, was here, in her Way to her Brother Tinneys.  She Seems a Miracle of Gods power and Goodness.  Master Fessenden and Cousen Maynard drink Tea here.  Mr. Stone sends a Line to desire me to change next sabbath, but I am pre-engaged to Mr. Martyn.

April 3, 1760

1760 April 3 (Thursday).  Public Fast.  Preached a.m. on Isa. 64.9.  P.M. I formed an Exercise partly out of sermon on Dan. 4.27.  And on Account of the Contribution for the sufferers by the late Fire in Boston, I used part of Sermon on Lev. 10.6.  N.B. I was up early in the Morning and visited Neighbour Eleazar Williams, who I find is delirious, and there can be but little hope.  I prayed there.  At Noon a Message to me was that he was alive and that was all.  N.B. he expired before Meeting was done.  Such is the Will of God!  N.B. We contributed as abovesaid.  May God accept the Offering!

April 3, 1760

1760 April 4 (Friday).  I rode up to Mr. Joseph Greens to see their Daughter and prayed there.  Dr. Crosby came and delivered me £200 old Tenor which I have hired of Rev. Cushing.  I bought a Yearling steer of Mr. Green, for which I am to give him 4 Dollars.  After Dinner I rode to Marlborough.  Paid 50£ old Tenor to Ensign Daniel Ward and took up a Note I had given his wife.  And 45£ upon another and took it up paying the Interest of both; Which was 3£.  Visit Mrs. Speakman.  Return the 1st vol. of Dean Moss’s sermon and she offers me the 2d which I took.  Visit Mr. Smith and lodged there.  The Deacons were here and count the money which was gathered yesterday, which is 60£ old Tenor.

April 8, 1760

1760 April 8 (Tuesday).  Neighbour Frost and his Brother Silas mend Fence.  Visit Deacon Forb.: at his Request, he being in Some Difficulty with regard to what was Said last visit about Capt. John Maynard and Seth Rices Discourse of his (the Deacons) promise formerly that the Sutton Corner would not influence this Town in the Affair of the moving the meeting House.  But I told him I did not meddle with it nor break my Affection to him.  We parted in Love.  Mr. Hananiah Parker brought his Family into my other House.  Received a Letter from Mr. Stone acquainting me with the appointment of a Council, by his disquieted Neighbours and his Desire that I and Mr. Martyn would be with him at that time.  [Marginal notation: N.B. Thomas Prentice Esq. dyed at Lexington about the 2d of this Month.]

April 10, 1760

1760 April 10 (Thursday).  I rode over to Mr. Isaac Pratts to get him to make me a pair of Leather Breeches of a large skin I bought of Mr. Solomon Rice, and which his Father dressed.  Mr. Welman, going to get another Council, here and dined with me.  N.B. had Neighbour Barny Newtons Oxen, and Capt. Woods to plough stubble.  Samuel Lamb (Capt. Woods young man) helps Alexander in it.  Sarah keeps School in that which was Thomas’s Shop.  P.M. I went over to t’other House — what with the Horses Mr. Rice has taken and the Horse, Cattle and Sheep which Mr. Parker has brought my Barn is over stocked and my Hay flies apace.  In returning home Saw at Mrs. Nurse’s one that calls her self an English Captive, and her name Molly Hubbard — who was taken from No. 4 when she was 5 years old and had been among the French and Indians 15 Year.  She says She was brought from Quebeck 4 months agoe.  Wants to find her uncle Joseph Hubbard.

April 12, 1760

1760 April 12 (Saturday).  Have been So taken off and disappointed about getting my necessary Spring work done, and by other Hindrances that I could not fully prepare my sermons.  Was some what interrupted by a very unexpected and undeserved Letter from Mr. Ebenezer Rice.  Wrote some Reply but could not send it, my Boys being from home till Evening.

April 13, 1760

1760 April 13 (Sunday).  In obedience to Mat. 5.23.24 I sent Breck early in the Morning with a brief Line to Mr. Ebenezer Rice.  Read Job 16 and 1 Cor. 2.  Preached a.m. on Isa. 55.3, latter part.  P.M. Repeated on 1 Cor. 15.26, which was the more seasonable on Consideration of the late Death of Mr. Eleazar Williams, his Father and widow being greatly bowed down under that mournful Bereavement.  Mr. Ithamar Bellows’s wife dined with us.  At Eve read in the Family the sermon in the morning Exercise by Mr. Adams, on Hell — and was much impressed with what he says of the Extremity and Eternity of the Punishments of the Damned, together with the Confirmation thereof.  May God be pleased to bless it for saving Good!

April 14, 1760

1760 April 14 (Monday).  In the morning I made a visit to Mr. Ebenezer Rice, and endeavored to compose every Disquietment and lay aside all Resentments.  Mr. Parker there ploughing.  Visited at Neighbour Pratts and made a late Breakfast there.  Mr. Francis Whipple came to me and Master Fessenden with him to ask me for my late sons Shop to keep School in; and that he might board at our House.  Mr. Whipple tells me plainly that the Town will not give any more than 30/ old Tenor per week and that it is not probable it will be paid till next March.  Mr. Fessenden accordingly has Lodging here.  My Daughter Sarah had her School there a.m.  Mr. Fessenden having dined here, kept p.m.  P.M. I visited old Mr. Bradish and at his Desire, prayed with him.  At Eve Master and I made a visit to sorrowful Neighbour Williams and his Daughter in Law.  At their Request prayed with them.  N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Williams brought me 32 Posts which Mr. Ebenezer Rice got for me last Year at the Ministerial Lot and 10 or 11 New ones got out by Amasa Maynard.  And Mr. Nathan Maynard brought 27 Posts which Silas Frost got out this Year.

April 15, 1760

1760 April 15 (Tuesday).  So rainy I am prevented going to Ministers Meeting at Wor’ster but had expectation to have gone to Southborough, apprehending there was to be a Council there to Day and therefore wrote to Mr. Cushing and Mr. Maccarty of it — but I was mistaken.  It is to be tomorrow.  The Lord be with his Servants at their Meeting, though I be detained from it!  N.B. Mr. Moses Twitchell here and reckons with me, and he thinks I owe him 13/6 old Tenor.  And he asks me to give him a Note to the Collector of 9£ old Tenor and I do it, he promising to work for me in Hay Time.  Near Night I rode down to Messrs. Daniel and Timothy Warrins.

April 16, 1760

1760 April 16 (Wednesday).  Pursuant to Mr. Stone’s Letter I rode to Southborough to be with my Brother Stone, in this Day of Adversity, when he expects there will be an Ecclesiastical Council sit at the Widow Bents to Day.  Mr. Smith and I dined there.  But no Council came.  I lodged there also.  Mr. Moses Twitchell setts up Fence beyond the Orchard.

April 20, 1760

1760 April 20 (Sunday).  Read Job 17 and 1 Cor. 3.  Preached a. and p.m. on Isa. 55.3, that (middle) Clause — “and I will make an Everlasting Covenant with you.”  Propounded Thaddeus and Abigail Warrin in order to their Humilliation and owning the Covenant.  May the Lord bless His Word and Ordinances for Saving Good!  Letter from Ebenezer about his poor little Boy.

April 22, 1760

1760 April 22 (Tuesday).  Visited Isaac Miller in his Languishment.  He was removed this Day to his Fathers, whither I went — and prayed with him.  Ensign went out with me and said, That he had asked my Advice about his marrying, and Seeing I had not Seen Cause to give it, they had taken the Liberty to go on without.  And now it was too late to say any Thing about That.  But he hoped I would come and marry ‘em when they were got ready.  I told him I did not know but I must go a journey about that Time to see my Grandson that is very ill.  From thence I went to the raising of Mr. Jonathan Fays great Barn.  Mr. Fessenden there, and returned home with me at Night.  N.B. Sung part of Ps. 112.

April 24, 1760

1760 April 24 (Thursday).  Mr. Fessenden and I walked at Noon to visit Mr. Jonah Warrin who I understood is Sick.  But find he is better and gone from Home.  But his Wife grows worse of her Palsie.  P.M. William Bowman from Mr. Chaddock of Brookfield with two Notes given by my son Thomas for Leather.  Capt. Rolf has offered to take the Leather and take up the Notes — which I consented to, and therefore do go with William to Capt. Rolf’s that he may do it.  He accordingly tells me he will — and that he will write to Mr. Chaddock about it.

April 25, 1760

1760 April 25 (Friday).  A Warm fine Day.  We have Mr. Parkers Oxen to plough.  Mr. Nurse sows Oats for me.  N.B. Mr. Beatons sets a Fire which unhappily runs and burns up part of the Fence between him and Neighbour Barnabas Newton.  But Some Number of Hands gather together and get the mastery of it.  To God be Glory!  At the Island, Alex and Breck having got Mr. Parkers Oxen, ploughed in 3 Bushel of Oates — Sown by Mr. Aaron Nurse.  At Eve reckoned with Deacon Tainter and paid all; and for 4 Load of Wood which are not yet brought.

April 27, 1760

1760 April 27 (Sunday).  Read Job 18 and 1 Cor. 4.  Preached on Isa. 55.3, latter part.  Lt. Townshend of Hopkinton dined here — a Number of Hopkinton people at our meeting, Mr. Barrett being hurt by a Fall from his Horse in Boston and not returned home.  Thaddeus Warrin and his wife restored to Charity, owned the Covenant and had their Child Baptized.  At Evening Family prayer, Master Fessenden prayed.

April 28, 1760

1760 April 28 (Monday).  Mr. Daniel Forb. here and wants my Chair to carry his lame little son Simon to Dr. Kitteridge Bone-setter at Andover and I consent.  He takes it.  He will send his son and Team to help me.  I ride out to visit in the South west and the Border of Upton.  Dined at Mr. Moses Warrins.  Visit Mr. Elijah Rice’s Wife who is languishing.  Was at Mr. Solomon Millers.  Lieut. Harringtons.  LeBlanc’s.  When I return many Gentlemen are riding (as we conceive) to Sutton.  Mr. Wellman and his Brethren have called a Council there to sit tomorrow.

April 29, 1760

1760 April 29 (Tuesday).  By Vertue of a Letter from Mr. Stone I rode to Southborough; a Council, called by Capt. Taylor and others, consisting of Three Churches, Cambridge first Church, the Churches in Watertown and Charleston, sits there.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  I was at the public Hearing a. and p.m.  N.B. Messrs. Martyn and Smith, Thatcher and Woodward, there with Mr. Stone.  N.B. Elisha Forbush with a Yoke of Cattle helps in getting out our Muck and ploughing the orchard.  Mr. Tainter also (by my Desire) improved the opportunity to bring 60 Rails for me which are laid at the Island to fence the Lane by Capt. Maynards Meadow.

April 30, 1760

1760 April 30 (Wednesday).  Lodged at Mr. Stones last night.  The Councils Result was published — very Contr. to the Result of the former Council.  N.B. Discourse with Mr. Appleton and with Judge Danforth.  Dine at Mr. Stones.  Talk with Mr. John Parker and Joshua Newton.  Some Number of Ministers at Mr. Stones, viz. Mr. Cushing, Mr. Frink, Mr. Bridge of Framingham there, besides the above mentioned.  Master Fessenden came.  I rode home with him.  Mr. Forb. and Daughter Baldwin here from Brookfield.  Hear that my Grandson Ebenezer is better.  Glory to God!