March 31, 1760

1760 March 31 (Monday).  Visited and prayed with Capt. Wood.  Mrs. Parker there and dresses it.  Ensign Benjamin Willard came home with me and dined here.  As did Mr. Aaron Nurse who setts up in its place, a Leach Tub in form of an Hopper made in the forenoon by Mr. Zebulun Rice.  P.M. Mr. Cushing is here, and tells me he can lend me £200 (old Tenor).  N.B. Alexander and Breck go mid-afternoon with Capt. Woods Oxen and Cart, to the ministerial Lot, and bring 30 Posts — but I was much concerned for them lest mischief Should befall them and walked to Capt. Rolfs.  However, they returned well, through the Goodness of God.  N.B. I sent this Morning by Mr. Edwards Whipple, to Mrs. Mary Jackson and son, the full of their Account against my late son Thomas; being £ L.M. or £9.17.4 old Tenor.