March 20, 1760

1760 March 20 (Thursday).  Broke fast at Deacon Miles’s (after conversing and Praying with his Brother).  Mrs. Miles went over with me to the Deacon’s — and tells me she has reason to suspect her Husband is possessed by the Devil.  In my way home Visited Sarah Green who has strangely fallen into a salivation, and it is now the 22nd Day of its working.  Prayed with them, and made haste home to have my Wife go with me to Capt. Woods Funeral.  We dined at Mr. Jonathan Bruce’s — with Old Mrs. Beeman at Table with us.  At the House of Mourning Mr. Martyn prayed.  May God please to assist us in improving this sorrowful Providence!  N.B. The news reaches us of a great Fire in Boston this Morning at 3 o’Clock.  My Wife and I went to Mr. Martyns from the Burying place.  Mr. Fessenden there also.  Called at Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Daniel Forbush in the Night calls and confirms the sad Tidings of the Fire.  May God Sanctify it to the sufferers and all round about!  Fires have broke out there three Nights running.  I wish it mayn’t be by some evil Instrumentality.