March 19, 1760

1760 March 19 (Wednesday).  I rode up to Worcester to get a Letter of Administration from Judge Chandler.  Met him on the Road.  He tells me the News of the Dammage done to the Train of Artillery at Boston by Fire yesterday.  He directs me to Mr. Pain, and tells me I need not at all concern myself about the [Contents?] of my Bond, the taking an Inventory etc.  All was a mere [blot] or Formality etc.  N.B. Mr. Cushing was present by his Chair and heard him.  He added, I don’t desire any more of it while I live.  I went to Worcester — gave my Bond to Mr. Pain the Register, and he gave me the Letter of Administration for which I paid him 7/ Lawfull Money.  I went in to see his Mother while he prepared for me.  I rode to Mr. Maccartys, but neither he nor his wife at home.  As I returned I called at Mr. Nathaniel Adams’s, and at Mr. Cushings.  The Latter bears a Message to me from Deacon Miles who has been at my House to request me to visit his Brother Joseph: Mrs. Miles being greatly distressed about her Husband; and wanted I should go and tarry over the Night with them.  I went — and lodged there — the poor Man being in a very low Condition and greatly distressed, especially about his Eternal state and Condition.