March 12, 1760

1760 March 12 (Wednesday).  I rode up to Mr. Samuel Hardy’s and delivered his Son Thomas Hardy of Brookfield 10 Dollars to be delivered by him to my Son Ebenezer — and I received Said Thomas’s Receipt for the Same.  P.M. preach’d my Lecture (had ask’d no body).  Text 1 Cor. 15.25, repeating to the End of page 104.  May God of his infinite Mercy and Goodness add His special Blessing!  I thank God I was Somewhat mov’d; and my spirits impressed with those weighty Truths.  Am astonished I am no more.  O that God would [be] pleased to awaken me effectually — and all Others about me!  O that we might have a true Sense of our horrible Enmity, and Rebellion against Him, and exposedness to His dreadful Wrath!  And that by His mighty Power we might be Subdued and made to Submitt to Him intirely and for ever!  Master Fessenden waits upon Cousen Maynard and her Child here, after Lecture.  She tells me Mr. Williams of Weston was buryed yesterday.