March 9, 1760

1760 March 9 (Sunday).  Read Job 12, Rom. 14.  Preached a.m. on Isa. 55.2.  P.M. although I had made some further preparations on the same Subject, yet by reason of the many Affairs of the last week I did not finish; but not being able conveniently to change, and the Election of Civil Officers having been in the Week past and Still being before the minds of the people, I Repeated a sermon on 2 Sam. 23.3 — “ruling in the Fear of God,” from p. 24 to 28.  And Some parts (by way of application) of Sermon on Tit. 3.1, page 41, 42.  Miss Betty Johnson dined here, as did Joseph Willard, son of Ensign Benjamin Willard, who has Sent me a Letter, dated to Day, by this son.