March 6, 1760

1760 March 6 (Thursday).  I walked over to t’other House.  Began to admonish Mrs. Rice for her Intemperance — but she was presently in an Huff and left Me.  Her Husband confirmed the Fact — and was afraid She would not take Reproof as She ought to.  I rode down to Southborough.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  N.B. Southborough people in yet hotter Contests.  The Disaffected increase by reason of Militia-Affairs going on Contrary to some who expected Commissions.  They will have a Council.  Poor Mr. Stone much to be pityed.  May God Himself direct and support him and his!  Hear a good Character of Mr. Hananiah Parker.  Visit Mrs. Gourdeau.  She Shews me a Number of Letters and other writings which she had by her, from Quebec and Louisbourg.  I receive of her my French New Testament but don’t discern it has made any impression on her.  N.B. In returning, had Some Discourse with Lt. Brigham about their Contention — but ‘twas Vain.  Capt. Wood winnowed 7 1/2 Bushels of Rye for me.