December 13, 1759

1759 December 13 (Thursday).  I rode to Mr. Daniel Forb. and seeing Persis Crosby there, and near her Time, yet neither marryed nor published, I had some further discourse with her.  I dined at Ensign now Lieutenant Harringtons.  My son Forb. I hear is gone to Upton, and Uxbridge to See Mr. Manning.  I visited Monsieur LeBlanc.  At Eve Deacon Tainter came to see me to discourse about the still sorrowful Condition of the people of North-Sutton; he having been lately at Mr. Welmans and at his sons.  The Deacon wants I Should write to him, that he may’nt be stiff with his Antagonist, nor make such sharp Remarks upon their Letters to him.  But I fear my engaging in it will make the matter worse.  At Eve the Widow of the late Mr. Noah How was here and I delivered to her her Husbands Will.