November 20, 1759

1759 November 20 (Tuesday).  Mr. Gale (having lodged here) works here, and Jabez Snow junior (though very late this morning) comes to work with him.  Mr. Abijah Brown comes with Capt. Wood in Order to View my Old Place.  I went over, and Shewed him the House.  When I returned Mr. Davis was here.  We went together to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Stones.  Alexander rode to Marlborough to buy Nails and Brads.  We dined at Mr. Stones.  Mr. Barrett, Mr. Smith, Mr. Maccarty, and Mr. Cushing came towards Eve.  N.B. The Troubles in Southborough unhappily continue.  The Disquieted have lately asked for a Church Meeting.  Mr. Stones Concio on Numb. 27.16.17.  May God set it home upon all our Hearts!  I lodged there.