November 19, 1759

1759 November 19 (Monday).  Mr. Goddard of Grafton and his Wife came to the Door and informed me there was sorrowful News brought to Grafton by Samuel Wetmore, viz. that Thomas Parkman, my son, was dead.  I Sent a Line to Lieut. Forb. praying him to go and See what the Particulars from Wetmore are.  Who went accordingly.  Mr. Gale came to Work here, to make shelves etc. in the Kitchin, but it was full nine o’Clock when he came.  My Daughter in Law and Mrs. Newhall Set out for Brookfield.  Deacon Tainter an other Load of Wood.  Mr. Gale and he dine here.  N.B. News that Mr. Noah How is dead also.  N.B. I wrote a Letter to Rev. Mr. Eaton of Spencer concerning the Case of Mr. Asher Rice who has removed there, but lives in the Neglect of divine Ordinances So that a Number of his Children are not baptized.