November 13, 1759

1759 November 13 (Tuesday).  Mr. John Chamberlin from Stockbridge.  P.M. Lucy and Sarah ride to Cousen Maynards.  Mr. Oliver Carter here.  He wants a Copy of Mr. Rogers’s first Epistle, but I have it not.  I give him an Account of what Numbers of the Papers I have lent him and Mr. Abijah Smith, and are in the Case, and are not returned.  Alex with a great deal of pain, gets a Team to bring over one Load of Corn from t’other House.  Capt. Clark, of Rutland, carrying home his New wife (Mr. Bucknam of Medways Daughter)[1] lodges, and a Company with them at Cousen Maynards to Night — who invites her Aunt and I to go there and Sup with them but this Invitation (besides the Impropriety of it) I am not able to accept.

[1]Capt. Edward Clark of Rutland District married Anne Bucknam of Medway, Oct. 25, 1759, in Medway; Rutland VR, 124.