November 6, 1759

1759 November 6 (Tuesday).  Capt. Wood, at my Sending for, came here a.m. on various Affairs.  Daniel How brings a Letter from Thomas at Still-Water dated Oct. 12.  And from Billy at Crown Point Oct. 16.  Blessed be God for their Welfare!  May they have Grace to improve it!  Mr. Benjamin Tainter dined here.  P.M. Mr. Mellen and his Wife here going to Hopkinton and to Sherbourn Ordination.  Mr. Asaph Rice, on his Return to Berwick, here.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Fay makes me unhandsome return of my Urgent Message to him, for money, now almost five Months after the Time is up.  As to me I have but a feverish, uncomfortable Day — yet I can through Gods Goodness attend to considerable of my work.  The Air has been too cool for me to go abroad.  I desire to committ my Self to God.  But how astonishingly Stupid my Vile Heart is!