September 15, 1758

1758 September 15 (Friday).  Visit Mr. E. Rice.  N.B. a great Addition to his Trouble is Mr. Thomas Frosts Cattle break in upon the Apples and Rowing.  I went to him, and he promised to take effectual Care of them.  P.M. Coll. Timothy Brigham was here and desires me to go with him to Mr. James Maynards on the Difficult Affair of the Difference between John and his wife but I did not think it wise to go.  He returned at Night here, to me, Supped with me, and gave me Some Account of his Discourse with John: and what he (himself) proposed to do if John did not come to See him.  P.M. Capt. Daniel Barns of Marlborough here in his Journey to Cornet Sherman who has been to the Lake lately (as aforesaid), Capt. Barns having two Sons in the Service.  In the Evening Charles Brigham Esq. here, and I paid him 50£ old Tenor for the Mare I bought of him Feb. 20th and gave him a Note of 26/8 L.M.  which was the remainder.  N.B. I have Striven a great deal to get help in ploughing, mowing, rowing etc. but in Vain.  Went to Mr. Williams’s this Evening to get help there, but in Vain.  So it has pleased the Sovereign God.