September 2, 1758

1758 September 2 (Saturday).  A.M. Mr. Edwards Whipple came to desire me to visit his Father in Law, Mr. Joseph Green, apprehended to be near his End.  I went, discoursed and prayed with him: and I endeavoured to discharge in Faithfullness my Duty to him.  The Burden of the Song in all his answers was, not so well as I Should do etc.  This, I conceive, was owing to his prevailing Scruples — and his fearing he Should speak falsely, if he Said he wished, desired, hoped, etc.  P.M. I rode to Grafton; first to Mr. Hutchinson, who had writ to me some time agoe, about changing tomorrow.  This he was willing to do, but not to go to [blot] nor at Eve, though there was time enough.  I rode to Esq. Charles Brighams, to pay for my mare: but notwithstanding I took so much Pains, the Squire being engaged in his Hay, would not come to me to receive his money, but said he would come to my House next week.  I returned to Mr. Hutchinsons and lodged there.  Adonijah Rice and Noah Hardy mowe in my Newton Meadow.