November 11, 1757

1757 November 11 (Friday).  I made a few Visits — to Master Minot, the Doctor and Mr. Bliss.  Transcribed a Copy of the Result for the Brethren.  Mr. Harrington (the other scribe) undertaking to write one for Rev. Mr. Rogers.  Coll. Timothy Brigham brought up from Boston a Number of my Books.  I had 10 of them and presented 9 of them to the following persons, viz. to Rev. Mr. Wigglesworth, Clark, Chipman, Pemberton, Bucknam and Dunbar; and to Major Hartwell, Deacon Greenough and to Mr. Oliver Carter.  Having dined at Mrs. Jones’s, I rode to Southborough, being accompanyed by old Coll. Ward and Coll. Brigham.  And thus this remarkable session of the Council finished.  May God have the Glory!  And may God give Success!  I visited Mr. Stone, but (Mrs. Stone looking every Hour) lodged at Coll. Brighams.