October 20, 1757

1757 October 20 (Thursday).  I attended the Funeral of Old Mrs. Hephzibah Maynard.  She was 70 Years old last January — a woman of remarkable Diligence and Skill in Family Affairs; and very compassionate and bountifull to the Poor; a Very Serviceable person in the Neighbourhood, and gave ready Assistance to all who Sought to her.  She was in a peculiar Manner liberal and helpful to Me and Mine at all times.  She was also very Steddy and Constant in Attending the Publick worship and Ordinances.  And She told me She hoped She was in Christ: but it does not appear to me that She expected to dye by this Sickness; for though her illness increased upon her from time to time yet she cherished Hopes She Should get over it.  I wish I might learn to live, that I may be in continual readiness to dye — that I may be Willing, and look for it!  And might I be so sensible of the drying up of Streams, that my Dependence may be more on, and my Recourse to the Glorious and inexhaustible Fountain!