October 19, 1757

1757 October 19 (Wednesday).  Mr. Moses Twitchel came to burn up Bushes, which Should ha’ been done last Year, but he proves not well.  Thomas goes to Boston.  Rides his Uncle’s Horse.  P.M. I visit Hutchins (a transient young Man) who is dropsical: and bleeds at the Nose — and in a hazzardous Condition.  As I was returning from him, Mr. Thomas Stearns of Lunenbourg, but of the Church of Leominster Met Me, Deacon Gardner Wilder of the Same, being at my House also, to take Some Advice.  I chiefly advised them to wait upon Mr. Rogers when the Time Set by the Council was out, and Shew him all hearty Respect; and not to be hasty in applying to the Moderator for the Council to meet together again — but to do everything which might prevent Such imputations as there were before, of Suddenness and rashness.