October 14, 1757

1757 October 14 (Friday).  She has my Mare to go to Boston and leaves her Fathers Horse.  My son Thomas goes with his Her [sic] as far as Coll. Williams at Marlborough where Mrs. Allen was to meet her to proceed on their Journey down.  I made another Visit to Old Mrs. Maynard and I dealt somewhat plainly with her, She being somewhat better for Conversation than when I saw her last: but yet in a low Condition.  May God pardon my Defects and bless and prosper my weak Endeavours.  Sat out late in the Afternoon upon my Brothers Horse, for Cumberland.  Stopt at LeBlanc’s and gave Ammon 2 Dollars: called at Deacon Bradish’s in Upton and took him with me to go to Mr. Fish, where I lodged.