October 9, 1757

1757 October 9  (Sunday).  I was not able to prepare for to Days Exercises by reason of my unavoidable Journeys last Week, and the Circumstances of Yesterday.  Read 1 Chron. 12.  Preached on Heb. 13.20.  That Clause — “that brought again from the Dead our Lord Jesus” — and administered the Lords Supper.  Mrs. Tainter and her Daughters Forbush and Bowker and her sister Harrington dined here.  P.M. repeated sermon on Gen. 25.8 on Occasion of the Death of old Mr. David Maynard who was buryed on Tuesday last, Mr. Martyn praying with the people at the Funeral.  N.B. Old Mr. Kelly was buryed on Monday the 3 instant but without a minister.