October 7, 1757

1757 October 7 (Friday).  At Mr. Forb. (where I have lodged every night) and at Ebenezers where we prepare some Agreements about the Gilbert Place and include Thomas Hardy likewise.  My Daughter Baldwin indisposed and dejected.  It was 11 a.m. before I took leave.  Mr. Forb. rides with me as far as Capt. Wolcotts that we may have some discourse with him, the Grand Juror, about the School (which Ebenezer has undertaken to keep).  Capt. Wolcott proposes to accompany me on my Journey to the lower part of Worcester, but does not overtake me, till I had dined at Mr. Eatons in Spencer.  I heedlessly overshot Mr. Roberts at Leicester.  Mr. Maccarty not at Home.  We were invited in by Coll. Chandler; where we drank Tea and hastened on our Journey.  Lodged at Mr. Cushings.