September 1, 1757

1757 September 1 (Thursday).  My Baldwins left us for Brookfield.  N.B. Delivered the Paper to Lt. Rolf which Contains the agreement between my Son Thomas and William Stone.  N.B. as it was agreed that Lt. Rolf Should keep it, so I had sent to him to come and take it, but he neglected it.  N.B. He owned before several Witnesses that he had Received the word which I sent him, to take it.  P.M. Catechized at Mr. Joslins: had 42 Children.  Mrs. Mary Bradish’s Scholars all attended.  She her self went to the House; and was at the Entertainment with me after the Exercise, as were also my little sons Samuel and John.  Visited the Widow Woods (Mr. Joseph Woods’s) and her Children.

September 5, 1757

1757 September 5 (Monday).  Amon and Magdalene Blanc here early, going to Cambridge etc.  Could not get a piece of Gold changed — therefore paid them only 5£ and Sixpence old Tenor.  Viz. to Amon £[5]3/, to Magdalene 47/6.  Settled all accounts with Mr. Beeton and paid him all to this Day.  N.B. Near Esquire Bakers had some Discourse with him about visiting — for I went for that End.  When he spoke of my going in to See ‘em (which was upon my saying that I had been thinking to make a Time on purpose to make ‘em a visit) I told him he did not give me leave, by coming to See me.  He answered that they were very busy, and were hard driven.  And When he asked me to walk on, he soon told me that he must come out again to his work.  I remarked to him how odd a Thing it was that such a Person as he would not afford so much as One half an Hour in a Twelve Month to spend with his Minister — for he had not bin once to see me this twelve month.

September 7, 1757

1757 September 7 (Wednesday).  I rode to Shrewsbury Lecture and preach it: on Ps. 78, v. 34-37.  Dined at Mr. Cushings — my Daughter Sarah with me.  N.B. Mr. Morse and his Wife, and Mr. Davis there.  The last prayed before sermon.  N.B. Capt. Nat. Allen of Boston has bought the House and Place that was Gershom Keyes’s; and is making great Alterations there.  Returned at Eve.  Poor Dolly Fay is a Bed — was delivered last Lord’s Day.

September 14, 1757

1757 September 14 (Wednesday).  My son Baldwin came here in the morning.  He had lodged at Mr. Martyns — tells me his wife is out of Health and depressed.  He left us to go to Brookfield.  Mr. Forb. and his Wife came the Same forenoon.  Took Mr. Forb. with me to Hopkinton Lecture (on Account of the public Distresses).  We dined at Mr. Barretts.  Mr. Prentice of Holliston and his Wife there.  Mr. Stone preached on Deut. 29.24.  I prayed before sermon.  Mr. Stone tells me he designs to go next Sabbath to preach at Cumberland.  In returning at Eve Mr. Forb. and I called at old Mr. Kelleys to see him in a very low Condition and (as seems) nigh to Death.  Old Mrs. Lovell also lying in a very dangerous state at her son Pierce’s they besought me to go in.  Those Visits made us late by that we got home.

September 15, 1757

1757 September 15 (Thursday).  Mr. Forbush and his wife to Boston.  At Parting he gave me a Letter from Ebenezer.  He tells me he has sent for sundry Goods by a Team.  Mr. Batheric comes and informs me that the Team will call about noon for them.  Thomas goes over to see to the putting ‘em up.  P.M. Lecture to Young people on Eccl. 1.2.  N.B. Master Nathan Stone (who keeps our school) here after meeting.  Send to Boston by Capt. Fay.

September 17, 1757

1757 September 17 (Saturday).  I could not have rest in my own Mind without going to See Old Mr. Kelly again and Old Mrs. Lovell.  I accordingly walked as far as Mr. Jonah Warrins (calling at Mr. Hammonds and Saw his Wife ill, with Something.  She went out and vomited.  It filled me with Trouble!).  Mr. Warrin furnished me with an Horse and I endeavored to discharge my Duty to the sick old people above mentioned.  P.M. I rode up to Mr. Ebenezer Cutler’s in Grafton, he lying Sick of a Fever.  Proceeded — and arrived at Mr. Hutchinsons; but he was gone to Westborough.  Went in to the School House to see the French Family there, Claude du Gas.  They are not so Sociable, as our Neutrals.

September 24, 1757

1757 September 24 (Saturday).  Mr. Joshua Winter and his Wife (from Boston Yesterday) came to see us, and dined with us.  They lodged last night at Brother Baldwins at Sudbury.  N.B. This morning Coll. Tim. Brighams Wife dyed.  She was taken (as is Supposed) with an Apoplexy last Evening and continued till about 2 this Morning.  They Sent Jonathan Johnson to me to desire me to attend her Funeral next Tuesday.  Such a sudden Death administers Solemn Warning to all survivors.  May God grant us all the Grace needful that we may make a fit improvement of it!  And get ready our selves!

September 25, 1757

1757 September 25 (Sunday).  My Kinsman Winter and his Wife here.  Read 1 Chron. 10.  Preached on Jer. 8.6.  P.M. read Luk. 4.  Preached on Prov. 13.21.  Evil pursueth sinners.  Used part of Sermon on Isa. 33.14.  Used viz. from page 15 to 26, Top.  N.B. I did not discover till next morning, that I had ever repeated pages 15 and 16 before.  Though it be set down upon the Cover, yet I did not See it.  N.B. Mr. Nathan Stone junior our present School-Master, dined here.  N.B. I stopped the Church to desire their minds about my going to preach at Cumberland the 3d Sabbath of the next Month.  It was voted, I think, unanimously.  I did also put the Church in Mind of two Other Articles, viz. the Affair of Sister Judith Bellows; and the Ordination of Deacons, both which articles I might reasonably have expected that Some or other of the Church would have Spoke about at Some time or other; but having waited for that in Vain I was now obliged to desire them to ripen their Thoughts that we might do Something to Effect.  I am much troubled with Soreness in my Eyes.

September 30, 1757

1757 September 30 (Friday).  Old Mr. Maynard Sends for me, thinking he is near his End.  I went, but did not find as I feared.  He was able to Converse.  I dealt freely with him — and prayed with him.  Went to Lt. Maynards upon the unavoidably necessary Affair of Disposing of my Old Place.  Borrowed an Horse there.  I rode over to see Mr. Jacob Rice who lies Sick of a Fever — he and his Wife being still of our Church.  Returned to Lt. Maynards at about 2 p.m.  Eat there.  Bought 200 of Boards of him which Mr. Gashit brought home.  My Wife in great smart her Leg growing Worse.  My mind much exercised for my son Ebenezer.  Mr. Batherick and Noah How here — Mr. Gashitt.  They all eat here.  Alexander thrashes.