February 14, 1757

1757 February 14 (Monday).  P.M. visit LeBlanc.  He Objects against us that many of us, Protestants, (as Quakers) are not baptized — and that we dont practise Penitence.  To the former I replyed that we looked upon them as heretical, as well as Papists.  To the latter 1.) That particular Days of Penitence, Whether Days of the Week, ex. gr. Friday, Jesus Christ has not appointed them in the Sacred Scriptures.  2.) Public Fasts are according to the Special Occasions thereof.  3) Private Fasts are left to the wisdom and Devoutness of particular persons them Selves.  N.B. It was So dark and slippery that being ‘o foot I called at Lieut. Tainters; Supped there; and he discerning my State, offered and accommodated me with Horse and Lad to wait upon me home.