February 3, 1757

1757 February 3 (Thursday).  I looked over the Notes I designed to preach from at the private Meeting at Mr. Bradish’s — but presently after Dinner came Mr. Hezekiah Pratt with an Horse beseeching me to hasten to his House, whither Some men had brought poor Mr. Edward Wilson of Shrewsbury.  They brought him out from home in order to his Seeing me, but they could get him no further.  I therefore went to him and found him in a very distressed Condition under Strong Temptations and frequently ready to lay Hands on himself.  I gave him some quieting Counsel and Directions and prayed with him.  The men who waited on him were Mr. Brewer and Mr. John Garfield.  In the Evening Deacon Forbush and his Widow Daughter here and supped with me.  This Evening visited us also Lt. Tainter with his sisters, Hastings and Whitney.  When they were gone, I had some sorrowful Reflections on my Conversation’s being So unprofitableand lifeless as it was among them.  O that God would pardon and quicken me!  And make me more Serviceable to His Kingdom and useful to mankind.