February 2, 1757

1757 February 2 (Wednesday).  Very stormy last Night and this Morning — Snow, Rain, Hail.  Yet Brother Hicks leaves us to go home.  N.B. Brother Hicks informs me that he designs to Review the Action between Collins the Quaker and him and again wants me to recollect his Sending by me a Message to Collins, to know whether Mr. Oliver Ward had paid, or how much he had paid upon his Bond.  This put me upon reading over great Part of my Journals of the Years 1736 and 1737, which brings to my remembrance so many Things, many besides what are written, that I am much affected, and am very glad I have taken those pains to preserve what Passes from Day to Day.  For although many things are small and of little worth in them selves yet do the Recollections of them prove of Service divers ways, putting me in mind of several Circumstances which attended them which tis needful to recover: But there are some Other Things which are of Such Importance in my Life that they ought by no means to be dropt.  I must notwithstanding upon the Review, bewail it that my Life is of so little importance or profit to my self or Others.  O what is mine compared with the Lives of Some Others!  Ex. gr. St. Augustine’s, who preached every Day; and wrote Books enough besides to take up the most of a mans Life, with proper attention to read: Dr. Hammonds who Studyed etc. 16 Hours of the 24.  Mr. R. Baxter who was even a prodigy of Fruitfulness.  May God be pleased to awaken me out of my Sloth, and pardon and help me for His Name’s Sake!