November 28, 1756

1756 November 28 (Sunday).  I have not had my Cloths wholly off all night being obliged to rise so frequently.  Early in the Morning sent Billy to Mr. Martyn to acquaint him with my Indisposition: It was also misty and Sloppy uncomfortable stirring.  But though I could not venture to ride to the North End, yet I went to Meeting here and preached — a.m. on Rev. 22.14 and p.m. on Mat. 25.6.  Widow Joanna Forb. and her sisters, Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Sadler, as also Mrs. Chamberlin, dined here.  In the afternoon I felt such disorder in my Bowels just as I was going to name my Text, that I feared I Should be obliged to go out: but I went through what I had prepared and made what decent dispatch I could in the whole Exercise, and hastened home.  Found it needfull to lye down, but am not to day followed with very frequent evacuations.  I find that others are in this working State — almost all my Family were obliged to get up last night, and I hear that others were so last week.