November 18, 1756

1756 November 18 (Thursday).  This Morning Mr. Forb. and his Wife returned, and inform me that their Mother Forb. expired last night about 9 o’clock.  She had led a useful Life, and had hope in her Death.  This is now a wide and awful Breach!  The 5th that has dyed in that House of late.  The aged Deacon is also taken with the Distemper, though he be not bad yet.  Surely O Lord thou art a God that dost hide thy Self.  Thy Judgments are a Great [Deep?]!  Mr. Forb. etc. ride over to the North End.  I preached a Lecture to the Young Men — the Text Tit. 2.6, from page 17 to middle of p. 23, and used part of page 27.  But few at Meeting besides the Young people.  May God Himself give His Almighty Blessing!


N.B. My little Anna-Sophia goes alone across the Room, She being this Day 13 months old.