November 8, 1756

1756 November 8 (Monday).  Sister Forb. very ill yet: but especially her Son is very low, and his youngest Child, Hannah.  As I went to see them I called to See the French Family — and it being p.m. when I was there, they made Tea and I drank with them.  Thence I walked to the House of Chief Distress and tarried into Evening.  Assisted in writing Deacon Forb.’s Will.  Find him very much composed in his Mind as to his Spiritual state also, and willing to depart and to be with Christ which is best of all.  He said he wanted to Speak to the world round about him.  (I suppose it was upon the Same head that he Spake once before, viz. to exhort to get ready for dying) but says he, it must be by your Mouth.  The young Child dyed while we were at prayer.  I left ‘em about 10 at Night, commending ‘em to the infinite Mercy and Grace of God through the Glorious Redeemer.