November 1, 1756

1756 November 1 (Monday).  The Committee for the Burying Place — I offer them that if they have a Mind to Alter the Bounds on the East side I will give them two Rods for one, on the North — but Nothing is done to Effect.  The Precinct met to see whether they will Alter and settle my Yearly Sallery — or if not, add to my Sallery for this Year.  The former they would not do, though it was long debated.  Mr. Daniel Forb. came to me from them.  I sent them a paper of this Day — but the Vote went in the Negative notwithstanding.  A Majority of one only carryed it so.  The latter was granted — and they made this years to be in old Tenor 470 and 30 to Lt. Tainter for wood; in all £500 old tenor.  At Eve visit Deacon Forb. who lost his Daughter Sarah; his Daughter Joanna very bad; his son Jonathan ill — So is his Mother, and the Young Man Rufus Putnam, whose Mother, Sadler, is with him: but especially Deacon Forbush is himself very bad and growing worse still.  He took a Vomit to day, but still renches and Strains; nor does any thing relieve him.