July 21, 1756

1756 July 21 (Wednesday).  Had not so comfortable Night — a.m. less lively, and more feverish than yesterday.  Such is the will of God that I have my ups and downs.  Yet as to my Circumstances many Things are chearful.  Mr. Twitchell works for me in taking Care of the Hay.  Mr. Barachias Morse and Francis Pierce mow in the Ministerial Meadow, but especially fourteen Hands, great and small, came and hilled my New Field of Corn behind the Meeting House.  They were Lt. Tainter, and his son Benjamin (with their lad Enoch Biglow), Ensign Harrington, Messrs. Solomon Woods, Zebulun Rice, Jonathan Grout, Amariah Thurston, Joseph Pratt, James Bowman junior, Isaac Miller, Eli Whitney, Elisha Forbush, John Forbush, Joseph Bond.  I would take a grateful Notice of this Favour in Providence.  Nigh Evening came Mr. William Crawford.  This was to my great Ease and Comfort.  Sent his Horse to Neighbour Barny Newtons, to be kept.  Two Load of Hay home from Newton Meadow.  My Wife very much exercised with pains, daily.  The Doctor steped in to Day also.  I marryed Samuel junior to Abigail Forbush.  Dr. Wilson visited me and with him Deacon Burnap.