July 16, 1756

1756 July 16 (Friday).  In the morning, though poor and weak and somewhat Rheumatic in my Knees, I went down below to Breakfast and prayer with the Company and Family.  Dr. Chase just stept in, judges my Fever abated in some Measure, and yet I am many ways grievously Exercised; my right Knee, my right Eye — I find it necessary to put on a Blister at Night, that if it may please God I may have Ease from my Rheumatick Pains.  Coll. Williams of Marlborough came in at Eve.  Deacon Bond also visited me; likewise Lt. Thomas Forbs. wife.  I am humbly waiting the will of God especially His gracious manifestations for the Refreshment of my inner Man.  Little Sophy ill also.