June 30, 1756

1756 June 30 (Wednesday).  I felt so much better that I venture to ride with my Kinswoman to my sons.  Her Husband walked over.  We dine there.  P.M. my Wife over there also, but all return hither at Eve.  N.B. a little son of Mr. Nathan Maynard, Nehemiah, this morning at play with his little Brother Nathan, has two middle fingers of his Right Hand cutt off, and the forefinger cutt almost off also — doubting whether it can be saved.  A very sorrowfull Providence!  May the Lord sanctify it to them and may his Name be praised and magnifyed for His protecting, guarding and preserving my little sons who are continually extremely Exposed!  I earnestly beg the Continuance thereof!  I hear that Peg Read has walked off from Esq. Bakers.  I doubt not o’ their great Joy.