June 26, 1756

1756 June 26 (Saturday).  Dr. Chase again.  He administers (as far as I discern) judiciously.  Peggy Read is yet living.  I perswade Dr. Chase to go and See her.  My Sons Ebenezer and Thomas go to Brookfield, p.m.  I am Grieved at their setting out so late.  Towards Night Brother Harrington of Watertown, came.  He goes to Deacon Bonds to lodge.  N.B. having agreed to change with Mr. Martyn tomorrow, was obliged to Send over Billy to acquaint him of my Sickness.  When he returns he informs me that they also are in much Affliction, Mrs. Molly being sick and o’Bed, and they had sent for Dr. Morse.  A bright Day.  I took a Cathartick; an infusion of Senna, Liquorish etc.