August 25, 1755

1755 August 25 (Monday).  The Church met today on account of Mrs. Judith Bellows (wife of Jonathan Bellows) being Complain’d of by Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin and Mrs. Mary Bellows[1] (wife of Ithamar Bellows).  Before Meeting, Mr. Batheric gave me fresh Trouble about Singing (in the assembly) triple Time tunes; and would have Me lay this before the Church, but I told him we had so much Business today, it was not likely there would be Time for it.  Lieutenant Tainter Carry’d to Boston 2 hind Quarters of Veal for me to some Friends there — Mr. Solomon Woods kill’d it — and took a Quarter for him and Lieutenant Tainter in token of Gratitude to them both.

[1]The following appears in the Westborough Church Records, Aug. 25, 1755- “The Church met (having been timely warn’d) to hear a Complaint Sign’d by Ebenezer Chamberlin and Mary (Wife of Ithamar) Bellows, and bearing Date July 18 last, against Judith (Wife of Jonathan) Bellows, all of them Members of this Church, setting forth in substance, that the Said Judith hath walk’d very Disorderly and Contrary to the Rules of the Gospel—In particular respecting her Daughter Comfort, who has confess’d her taking away certain Things from a Neighbour feloniously and that her Mother would not let her return said Things when She would have done it: and that said Comfort also declar’d her Mother had burnt them.  The Complaint exhibited further that said Judith was guilty of False speaking about those Things etc.  After prayer the Complaint was read, and the Partys respectively, and the Witnesses, were fully heard—the Church voted, I. Respecting the first part of the Complaint that altho we cannot say She is guilty of Burning the Things referred to in the Complaint, yet we find upon all that has been Said, that She has Conducted in a very Evil Manner respecting her Daughter under her Guilt; and in that whole Affair respecting Said Things, and 2. Voted, as to the Second part of the Complaint, namely, her False speaking, that it is Supported.  This was voted universally.  The Pastor read those votes to said sister Judith, and solemnly laid the Evil before her, and Call’d her to Repentence . . .”