August 14, 1755

1755 August 14 (Thursday).  Old Mr. Maynard makes another Will.  Lieutenant Maynard brought me present of Fish from Mr. John Breck of Boston — and himself presents me a Load of Hay out of the Meadow on Rutters Brook.  ‘Kias and Seth mow at the ministerial Meadow again and this is the last, which they accomplish a.m. but because it was cloudy and they could not rake up what they had mow’d; they return’d home and p.m. reap’d my Wheat by the Barn, and got it in.  N.B. Mr. John Chamberlin of Stockbridge here, and wants to hire part of my t’other House for his Wife, that She may ly in there: but I am not free for lest it Should hinder the Sale of the House.  Am oblig’d to ride about to get a Team to Cart home my Hay.  Receive a kind Letter from Mr. William Winter of Boston giving me a Clear Account of the Death of General Bradock and the Defeat of the Forces with him on the fatal July 9th past, in their Expedition to Ohio.