September 28, 1754

1754 September 28 (Saturday).  Mr. Isaac Amsden of Southborough here to ask me whether I had not talk’d with Ezra Taylor about what his Wife Said to me at Major Howards on the 19th.  I told him what it was and that I wrote it down that same Eve, and with all that I was ready to shew it [to] him, but he answer’d that twas no matter, or to that purpose.  P.M. Joshua Lock and his wife here, and offer’d a Confession of their Fornication.  But it was very imperfect — he also was not willing to own the Covenant.  Said he was by principle of the Church of England — did not care to be examin’d Strictly — his wife might own the Covenant and have the Child baptiz’d here.  It was also late in the Day — therefore I did not proceed to gratifie them at this time.