September 19, 1754

1754 September 19 (Thursday).  My Mare got out of Mr. Maccartys Pasture, but was found by Mr. Othniel Taylor, about two Mile and half off.  Weather very hot.  Was at Colonel Chandlers Office.  Colonel deliver’d Me two Deeds, viz. Hezekiah Hows and Andrew Newtons, to me.  Paid him 15/ old Tenor for both and lodg’d two more, viz. from Lieutenant Forbush and Richard Barns.  I call’d at Mr. Dyars — din’d at Dr. Crawfords.[1]  N.B. his son William at Learning.  I stop’d at Captain Jenisons and wrote a Letter to Mr. Edwards at Stockbridge.  Return’d home safe at Eve.  Mr. Stone of Southborough had been to See Me.  A Bear Was Seen by my son Thomas passing through my Land just below the Burying place, and went Cross the Road.  N.B. Talk’d with Mr. Isaac Amsdens Wife about what she said to me at their House etc.  See loose papers.

[1]Robert Crawford, the physician.