September 13, 1754

1754 September 13 (Friday).  Dr. Perkins and Mr. Rice and Mr. Baldwin, as also Mr. Hezekiah Coollidge return home.  N.B. Sent Mr. Badgers Family Companion[1] home by Mr. Coollidge.  P.M. my wife carry’d Mrs. Molly Martyn as far as my other House where her Brother is to come for her.  I went to Lieutenant Forbush’s, and he and his wife sign’d me a new Deed of this Land where my House stands with the additions, and Judge Ward took their acknowledgements.  Mr. John Beeton receiv’d a Deed likewise of an Acre joining to mine.

[1]The Family Companion for Health: or . . . Rules which . . . will. . . keep Families free from Diseases, and Procure them a Long Life (London, 1729).