March 28, 1754

1754 March 28 (Thursday).  Went over to t’other House and talk’d with Mrs. Smith.  Her Husband is gone to Boston again, that he may obtain a Power of Attorney for Colonel Chandler or somebody else that may take up the Mortgage for Mr. Boardman, and by what he has Said I apprehend he designs also to go to his Mother that she may sign his Deed; he had also sent to Brookfield to have the Land there measur’d.  His wife manifests Satisfaction and Reconcilement with me and her Consent at least, if not Desire also to have me go to their Fathers.  I rode to Mr. Smiths Father in Sudbury and lodg’d there, but the man himself was not at home:  was gone to Boston.  The Woman was almost overwhelm’d with Trouble about her son before I began.  N.B. Mr. Bezaleel Smith there and had sufficient Ground to confirm what I said.