March 24, 1754

1754 March 24 (Sunday).  A.M. read Judg. 16 and the Expository remarks upon it were our forenoon Exercise.  P.M. read James 2 and by reason of my perplexing Difficulties with Mr. Smith repeated Exposition on Mat. 5.38, and part of 39.  At Eve receiv’d a Letter from Mr. Smith, dated yesterday, in which he intimates his rejecting Still my proposal of a Bondsman.  Read to the Congregation a Letter from the Reverend Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury requesting a Contribution for one Mr. Asa Hill who was lately burnt out.  Left it with Deacons and Committee to advise upon.  I thought it agreeable to Christian Principles, and that Meekness and Mercifulness which I had been recommending in the Day preceding, to Consider Mr. Smith’s Case as well as my own; and being perswaded that Mr. Barkers Coming up here (as may be expected on the Ensuing Day) will be in Vain, I desir’d my son Thomas to prepare and go with a Line to Mr. Smith and take an Horse (if Mr. Smith desir’d also) and go away now in the Night to Boston and stop Mr. Barkers Coming to prevent needless Charge.  And he went away accordingly about a quarter after 12 in the Night.