March 16, 1754

1754 March 16 (Saturday).  John Dunlop here (after his Journey to Brookfield) tells me the New Coiners are Two sons of the late Mr. Thomas Newton[1] formerly of this Town; and they made the Money at Hunting Hills[2] beyond Deerfield.  Company are here every Day, and not a few — which is a great Interruption to me.  Mr. Daniel Forbush here about making Satisfaction to Reverend Mr. Barret.

[1]Thomas Newton, Jr., had moved to Sunderland in 1742; he was in Deerfield in 1756.  The editor has not determined the identity of the other Newton counterfeiter.  Ermina N. Leonard, Newton Genealogy (DePere, Wisconsin, 1915), pp. 74-75-

[2]The plantation called Huntstown became the town of Ashfield in 1765.