March 12, 1754

1754 March 12 (Tuesday).  I made a Visit to Mr. Smith to enquire into his Conduct.  Colonel William Ward[1] here with whom I advis’d respecting Mr. Smiths Treatment of me.  I rode to Mr. Bradishs to See his Wife, and to Mr. Ithamar Bellows.  A fine Day overhead, but exceeding bad Road — snow, Mud etc.  Billy brought over four Sheep and [blank] Lambs from t’other House.  Mr. Jeduthun Baldwin here from Sudbury, returning to Brookfield.  Told him I was very sorry that when Mr. Forbush[2] and he knew of Mr. Smiths Mortgaging his Place to Mr. Boardman yet that they did not prevent his moving his Family hither, or Send one word of it.

[1]Ward of Southborough was a justice of the peace.  Hudson, Marlborough, p. 460.

[2]Parkman’s son-in-law, the Reverend Eli Forbes of Brookfield.